Bitcoin Transactions Come To The Internet Computer Smart-Contracts

The community voted in favor of integrating Bitcoin into Dfinity’s Internet Computer (IC). This upgrade includes two different capabilities:

  • Smart-contracts will be able to validate and make native Bitcoin transactions.
  • Smart-contracts and users will be able to transact with wrapped BTC tokens on IC’s chain. These wrapped tokens are allegedly non-custodial.

This is the summary of the proposition as worded by the team:

Summary: A proposal to enable users and canisters on the Internet Computer to transact wrapped bitcoin directly without the use of a centralized intermediary or an intermediary protocol. This is achieved by IC replicas running Bitcoin nodes. “

As of today, no DeFi project is truly Bitcoin-native. Most DeFi platforms use wrapped BTC tokens, the private keys being held by a centralized custodian. In other DeFi projects like liquidity exchange Thorchain, a custodian node transacts on Bitcoin’s blockchain. THOR tokens are held as collateral by the smart-contracts to protect against bad actors, this is what Dfinity calls “over-collateralized stake-backed model”:

“This is the first time we’re able to tokenize Bitcoin without trusted custodians and without the over-collateralized stake-backed model that is not capital efficient. It will not only unlock this asset for the IC, but after the Ethereum integration, IC-wrapped BTC could then be used in Ethereum DeFi.”

— Norton Wang

Dfinity solves this custody problem is called the Chain-Key which the team describes as “novel” and “breakthrough”.

To be continued.


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