$10 Offline Lightning Network Point-Of-Sale Terminal

This device is a cheap offline proof-of-concept for a point-of-sale terminal for the Bitcoin Lightning Network by Ben Arc,. It is based on Arduino open-source hardware.

The merchant needs a LNbits wallet acting as a server, and the LNURLPoS terminal which is fully offline. It uses LNbits’ LNURLPoS extension to share a secret key between the two.

Here is the workflow detailed on Github and in the video below:

  1. Merchant enters the L-BTC amount into LNURLPoS terminal
  2. A “LNURL” is generated and displayed as a QR code for scanning by the customer
  3. Customer scans and pays with Lnbits wallet or with a LN wallet compatible with LNURL
  4. Payment clears and the customer is sent the decrypted unique pin (only needed if the merchant is offline)
  5. Merchant compares customer PIN and terminal PIN (only needed if the merchant is offline)
  6. The transaction appears in the merchant’s LNbits wallet (not needed by the employee making the transaction for example)

This is equivalent to an employee using a credit card terminal but not having access to the company’s bank acount.

Note that the customers need an internet connection, this is mandatory for Lightning transactions.

Watch the demo:


  1. Tweet: https://twitter.com/arcbtc/status/1442511015669809152
  2. Lnbits Lightning Network wallet: https://github.com/lnbits/lnbits/
  3. Lnurlpos extension: https://github.com/lnbits/lnbits/tree/master/lnbits/extensions/lnurlpos
  4. Arduino: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino
  5. Lightning Network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Network

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